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Do students really need to wear school uniforms?

— feeling alien

    The regulations towards school uniforms are really strict in China. Students are enforced to wear school uniforms everyday. But do students really need to do that?

    There is no doubts, school uniform could bring school better studying atmosphere in terms of pretending students paying to much attention to flowary colthes. The difference between studsents` families might cause some of them feeling upset of their poor clothes, wearing school uniforms could balance students` thinking which aims to focus on academic bussinesses.

    When it comes to disadvantages wearing school uniforms might bring to students, it would reduce students` interest toward Art. Wearing schol uniforms which have the same design may simplify students` incentive of imagination and blazing new trials because students would not have opponuyies to try new arrangement of dressing.

    To conclude, even though wearing school uniform could balance the difference between different levels of families which have different level of income, it also cause incensitiveness toward establishing new things. So wheather students need to wear school uniforms everyday depends on the type of schools. E.g. if all the students in a certain school are from the same level of families, such as workers` families or teachers` families. There is no need to regulate that students have to chhool uniforms because discrimination and conspicuous comparison would not happen in that situation.